About Bristles

"Bristles" company has been established in 1995 by the graduate of the Warsaw Technological University.

Bristles has begun with trading the bristle from China and until now we treat it as our priority activity. In years 1995-2000 Bristles has extended its portfolio by including noble bristle (made from squirrel, weasel, marten, badger) - widely used in artistic and cosmetic paintbrushes. We put also our attention to natural plant fibers supplied by renowned producers from Mexico, Sri Lanka and India and synthetic filaments of european (Italy, Germany, Czech Republic) and asiatic (China, India, Korea, Japan) origin. In year 1998 Bristles introduces as first on the polish market synthetic Japanese fibre "Toray" made for need of the outer space industry. Independently, from the very beginning, Bristles has developed its export branch of wooden handles for brushes - in years 1995-2000 to the European countries and from 2001 to USA also. Four years later, Bristles is noticed and contacted by Zahoransky Group. Cooperation with the biggest supplier of complete machine-units from injection moulds, handling systems through tufting and trimming machines up to packing machines strengthens our position on the European market. What is worth to add, since 2005 year we measure the scale of our brush wooden handles deliveries to USA in container quantities. Years 2006 – 2010 has been especially important for us because of successful Bristles entry into the market of South Africa. Contracting a leading consumer of the wooden handles for brushes at this market afforded to increase considerably volume of container deliveries.

In 2011 to our team joined Tomasz Szostek as the young generation who expanded the range of our activity by taking up the theme of delivery on international markets ready-made brush and paintbrush products, garden tools as well as snow shovels and car ice scrapers.


The Bristles is present in over 20 countries on 4 continents. We are significantly increasing sale of our products both on national and international markets. We develop our trade department, aiming a better, faster, and more professional service of our customers. We expand our international contacts, specialy with EU countries, India, China , both American continents and , what is the most important, we made successful expansion on South Africa Market.

Years 2011 - 2013 mean successful conquest of markets of the Baltic sea basin and years 2013 – 2015 the North America as concerns snow shovels and car ice scrapers.

In the years 2018 - 2020 we intensively expanded our range of products by adding the currently sought-after goods from the Eco-Line.


We believe in new technologies. Bristles invest in the modern methods of sale, customer service and management. We co-operate with manufacturers of production machines and lines and together with them we work out new solutions increasing productivity, reducing operating and manufacturing costs. In near future we plan to develop our trade department responsible for brush and paintbrush mixes trading and cleaning articles export. In further future we plan to extend our product portfolio and our presence in the world.

Quality policy.

The Bristles means quality. This motto has been taken in the centre of our consideration from the beginning. We are selling only selected raw materials. Our quality department constantly monitors our suppliers from all countries. This policy successfully allows us to compete with high specialized factories producing for military needs. We know that quality of our products guarantees success and development for Bristles.

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